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Sociology- Amity University

Semester 1

  • Indian Social structure and Process
  • Business Communication
  • Sociology of Deviance
  • Social Institutions
  • Introduction to Sociology

Semester 2

  • Population and Society
  • Classical Sociological Thinkers I
  • Social Movements in India
  • Environmental Studies
  • Research Methods – I

Semester 3

  • Research Methods II
  • Individual Excellence and Social Dynamic
  • Kinship, Marriage and Family
  • Social Stratification
  • Indian Social Thinkers

Semester 4

  • Political Sociology
  • Sociology of Change and Development
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Urban Sociology

Semester 5

  • Sociology of Health
  • Industrial Sociology
  • Sociology of Aging
  • Sociology and Law
  • Globalization and Society
  • Sociology of Marginalized Communities

Semester 6

  • History -An Introduction
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Economic Sociology
  • Environment Sociology
  • Major Project
  • Professional Ethics

Please note that this is just a general overview of the curriculum, and the specific courses offered may vary depending on the university or college. The syllabus typically contains more specific information about the courses, such as:

  • Course descriptions and learning objectives
  • Required readings and assignments
  • Grading criteria
  • Course policies

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