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Comprehensive Office Management Course: A Pathway to Success


In the modern world, office management has evolved into a multifaceted discipline that requires a diverse set of skills. A comprehensive course in Office Management can equip individuals with the necessary skills to excel in this environment. The course is meticulously designed to cover three core areas: Computer Applications, Office Management, and Communication & Soft Skills.

Computer Applications

This section delves into the foundational and advanced knowledge of various software applications integral to office management. It covers:

  • MS-Office Suite: This includes Word for professional resume writing and company advertisement designs, Excel for data sheet creation, PowerPoint for presentation designs, and Access for database management systems.
  • Accounting with Tally Prime integrated with GST: This module provides knowledge about financial planning using the Tally software application.
  • Internet and Email: This part of the course covers file sharing protocols and the impact of social media. It also includes a module on Social Media Branding using AI.

Office Management

The course ensures that students are well-acquainted with office management principles. It includes modules on:

  • Modern Office Accommodation & Etiquette: This module prepares students for the practical aspects of working in a modern office environment.
  • Planning and Decision Making: This part of the course enhances the students’ ability to plan and make decisions, which are crucial skills in office management.
  • Business Rules and Startups: This module provides insights into the rules governing businesses and startups.

Communication & Soft Skills

Recognizing the pivotal role of communication in office settings, this segment focuses on:

  • Communication Skills: This module enhances communication skills in both Hindi and English languages.
  • Digital Security Online: This part of the course emphasizes the importance of digital security in the online world.
  • Personality Development and Soft Skills: This module is delivered online and focuses on personality development and soft skills training.
  • Time Management: Practical learning is facilitated through modules on time management within an office environment.

The course culminates in the awarding of a Certificate in Office Management Application after a duration of 12 months. The total course fee amounts to 8,000/- (Ad Fees: 4,000/-) + (Monthly Instalment: 500/- X 8). This comprehensive course is a great opportunity for individuals looking to excel in the field of office management.

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