Photoshop ICE Text effect Tutorial


Hello students, if you love using Photoshop to create text effect then keep reading continue this tutorial. though there are many types of text effects software where we can very easily create text without any effort and knowledge. some of theme are very popular such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc. and Today we will learn little bit about Photoshop Text effect. So……. Let’s start.

Page settings:

First of all you need to take a new page with a better settings

to take a new page just go to File Menu- Then click on New- then and Specific width and height and resolution as you want- colour mode: RGB then click on Ok button.

Create Text:

Select Text tool from Photoshop toolbox- Start typing in black color on white page- Make the text bigger and Use thick font to get better result.

Text Selection:

Select the Text layer from Layer window- Go to Select menu- Choose Load selection- Select the channel name as your text layer name- click on ok button.

Layer Merge:

Keep selecting the text layer (don’t deselect)- Just click on Layer Menu- Flatten Image (this option will help to combine two layers into on) but don’t remove the selection I repeat.

Create ICE effect:

to create ice effect on the text just go to Select Menu again- Inverse (to select the opposite area of text)- click on Filter- Pixelate- Crystalize- Select the cell size much ice you want to add on the text skin- Click on Ok

Again go to the Select menu- Inverse selection- Filter- Noise- Add noise – Check On the Monochromatic option- select value – ok

Filter- Blur- Gaussian Blur- select settings-OK

To remove the selection just go to select menu- Deselect Or use CTRL + D shortcut

Adjust Color:

To ready your color settings just click on Image menu- Adjustment- Invert (this option will opposite the color visibility)

Image- Adjustment- Hue/ Saturation- Tick on Colorize checkbox- Setup the color quality-OK

Now your project is ready!

Video Guide:

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