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Computer application has become more essential subject in today’s life. So remember that world is transforming into digital. We listened about Stone age, iron age etc.

etc. and this age we may call the digital age, is not it? That’s why we should be alert to learn this subject beyond our other subjects. Don’t do negligence about this computer. Start learning as fast as possible. There are many future build up courses available in market, various software are using in different fields, but education should be in step by step process, otherwise learning will not be accurate. So today we will start with a Diploma Course (for very beginner and Advance learners), Let’s see what is the Course Syllabus in Diploma Course…

Course Syllabus

This course is consisting with two semesters, Let’s see in details.


  • Fundamentals (Essential theories)
  • Windows (Lates windows system)
    • Notepad (Working with Files and Text)
    • MS-Paint (The basic drawing with tools function)
    • Explorer (Manage computer files and folders)
    • Control Panel (Learn computer settings)
  • Microsoft Word (Learn in details, Office projects, Common Design making, etc.)
  • Microsoft Excel (Learn about spreadsheet, functions, charts, Real life projects)
  • Microsoft Power Point (Essential Presentation using Animation)
  • HTML (Web page coding program for future web developer and blogger)
  • Internet & E-Mail (Browsing, Protection, form fill Up and etc.)
  • Assessments



  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Microsoft Access
  • RDBMS and SQL using Access
  • LAB Project
  • Visual Basic (Create Application software and design)
  • Algorithm and Flowchart
  • Programming C
  • Real Life Projects
  • Assessments

About Certificate

Learning Duration: 162 hours (Theory + Lab) = 12 months

Total Fees: 5000/- Admission Fees: 600/- Monthly Fees: 400/- X 11

Completion Award: Diploma in Basic Computer Application

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