Animation in Photoshop! is it possible? Let’s see

If you ask the question that can we create animation in photoshop or not? then the answer should be yes!, We can create animation in Photoshop. And if you want to be a professional animator then Photoshop will help you in this field. Photoshop will help you to create Texture, Scene and etc. for real life animation. Let’s learn more about animation.

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2D Animation

This type of animation is build up with 2 perspective one is X axis and another is Y axis. we can create very interesting animation show in 2D animation. And we may create our own animation channel or can apply for online animation content selling business. In this platform an animator will learn to draw a character, can draw an object and can adjust Camera and dialog etc. There are many types of effective software by which a student can implement their own imagination.

3D animation

This type of animation is too much popular in animation world. This type of animation is build up in X, Y and Z axis, where viewers can see the scene from all sides. There are many popular software like Blender, 3D-Max and Maya, which will let you draw your own character, objects, materials and etc.

How Photoshop can help you?

Photoshop is very handy tool and easy to learn and easy to use. So User can easily create there own texture. Cartoon Character, Cartoon Objects (like Car, House, Scene) etc. using Photoshop. Not only that user also can create .GIF or can record Animation directly from Photoshop. And it is very good news for Photoshop users who use the latest version of photoshop (such as CS or CC), that they can create 3D objects in photoshop and can create Frame Animation or Timeline animation in Adobe photoshop also.

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Animation for your Career (Watch the video)

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