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What the first MS-Paint was released?

Is Ms-Paint software is free in Windows?

What we have to write in Run dialog box to open MS-Paint?

Which tool helps to draw custom shape?

What is the full form of BMP?

Press________________key to Increase Eraser size

What is the name of top most bar of paint?

Press _________ key to draw straight line

How many times can we bend the curve?

Which tool lets you select in custom shape?

What is the shortcut key of Select all?

Which tool can take the color from image?

Press __________ Mouse button to make zoom in?

What is the maximum Skew degree?

How many Units are available in Properties?

__________ option helps to select the opposite area of current selection?

What is the shortcut key of Undo?

Who first programmed the Paint Software?

Where we can find Full Screen option in Windows 11 Paint?

What does mean of Flip Vertical option?

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