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Why we should learn computer today?

Computer is not only a machine, today computer has become a subject and it has become a common subject for all others subjects that we can control its features differently for different platforms. Generation is developing not only today but also for all time it in this earth, everyone who came to our society with new idea with developing thoughts and who wanted to make ease the human life always, they all are the assets for us.

In this century when a student starts his studies in computer science or technology they must read the past invention, they must read the past architecture of the machine, which was came from our ancestors one by one from then to now. It is not only a history but it is a great research book that will help to create a new thoughts again.

If we discuss about Uses of Computer, then we have to write infinite time that will not end. but for example we can say that computer use

  • In Hospital
  • In Educational Institutions
  • In comodity
  • In Banking
  • At Playground
  • At school
  • At shops

and where not…?

But we should not forget that we must use the computer for good purpose. there are many many application and software in the market which may affect bad to anyone or which may create good for one. Machine doesn’t understand your purpose, machine are always dependable on human instruction so as a good civilian we should use any Apps or its features like a virus in the society, Try to become as Antivirus or at least good user.

We are running our institution for 20 years above, and we always guide to our students to maintain antiquate. We teach them to develop software, to help citizens to do some good for the our society.

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