How to create Bootable Pendrive Step by Step | How to use Rufus | Learn to Create bootable USB

Now a days we can see that users are not using CD or DVD drive in personal computers because of budget probably. And another reason could be that all kind of data could be transferred by using USB flash drive. USB flash drive is very handy and can be used many times. So who has some little hardware knowledge to install windows and first time wants to use Pen drive to install it so go on with this article.

What we need to Create Bootable Pendrive?

At first, when we have no DVD player in our computer we must have to collect all those below list…

  • Pendrive (>=4GB)
  • Windows ISO image file
  • Rufus Software (which is free to download)

How to Create Bootable PenDrive Step by Step?

To create a bootable pen drive follow the below steps…

Step1: Download the Windows ISO Image file and keep it to your computer

Step2: Insert the Pen drive into USB port

Step3: open Rufus software

Step4: Don’t change the settings which can be shown above, Now click on this Disc Image

Step5: Select Windows ISO image file from PC

Step6: Click on Start button (to start the installation process)

Step7: After completion you see READY label above Start button

Step8: Now remove the pendrive (It’s Done!)

If any problem occurs then don’t forget to comment us, our team is always ready to help. Thank you!

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