SOLID WORKS | Course Syllabus

Introduction to SolidWorks

  • Overview of SolidWorks and its applications
  • Setting up the SolidWorks workspace
  • Understanding the SolidWorks user interface
  • Creating and editing sketches
  • Extruding and revolving sketches
  • Creating holes and other features
  • Adding mates to create assemblies
  • Creating drawings from models

Intermediate SolidWorks

  • Advanced sketching techniques
  • Creating complex surfaces
  • Utilizing sheet metal features
  • Designing weldments
  • Working with assemblies and subassemblies
  • Creating configurations and design tables
  • Performing stress analysis

Advanced SolidWorks

  • Utilizing advanced surfacing tools
  • Creating photorealistic renderings
  • Animating SolidWorks models
  • Using parametric design techniques
  • Integrating SolidWorks with other software
  • Managing SolidWorks data

Course Fees: 10,000/- Duration: 3 months

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