How to Close any Computer Application?

Hello students, Today we will learn about basic matters of computer software. Who are learning the basic computer course from any institution they must know this matter well. In the basic computer course we will learn some Primary computer subjects like Notepad, Paint, MS-Office Package, Internet or some more features depending on your institution.At very first day teacher guide us to start a application and to close it again and many students starts their application with Notepad typing, and to open it and close it. Sometime we learn one or two steps to close any application. Today I will Show you more process to close any computer program. Let’s start…

To Practice this method first open any application in desktop screen, I am opening Notepad to show you.

Now you can this Red circle over three Window control buttons? First the “_” button called Minimize Which help you to hide the screen from desktop to taskbar. you can restore it again by clicking on the Notepad Icon at Taskbar (at below of your computer screen) Next Square shaped button is called Maximize which allows you to make the window in full view. and the last button is Close which allows you to close this application.

1st Process is: Click on this button- Click Save/ Don’t Save (if prompt) as per you need.

2nd Process is:

Just right Click on the Title Bar (title bar is at the top of your program window)- then click on Close option

3rd process is:

Click on the Top-Left Icon Shown in the Picture (left side of Untitled text)- a menu will appear – then select Close option.

4th Process is:

Click on File Menu in the bar- then select EXIT option (to close the application)

5the Process is:

Right click on Notepad Icon (shown in the taskbar)- Select Close Window Option.

6the Process is: Press ALT + F4 key from your keyboard- window will be closed also.

Try these methods at home for second day computer class, Bye Bye!

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