How to add Icon in Word Document?

Hello students, today we will learn about a new feature of MS-Office 365, I think that you all have installed the new version of MS-Office package surely. And I love MS-Word to design the pages, it is very handy and we get many useful feature also for our contents. But today what we are talking about the ICON button which now has been added in new version of Office Package. So Let’s start…

You must have seen after opening MS-word in the Insert tab at Illustration group that there were few options available to decorate your page. Like Picture, Online Picture, Shapes, Smart Art, Chart and Screenshot. but now another more button is added named ICON. Sometime we need to add Icon to make our readers to understand without typing any text in the note, and so we had go search on Google for it and It was a time taking matters.

Now you can see that Icon button is under red circle on the screen. Now we will learn that how to use this button step by step…


You can see that I have a made a demo design of a Web banner / Card.

Step2: Now Go to Insert Tab- Then click on ICON button kin Illustration group.


A dialog box will appear with several options, On the left side menu we can see option name, that will help to find our necessary icon. and at the top op the option we can get a Search Box also to search icon fast by typing its name. I am searching “Education” like this.
Icon will appear to screen- Select any one any Click on INSERT button.

We can change resize it dragging by corner point .  If it doesn’t appear to top of the design then Go to GRAPHICS FORMAT Tab- Wrap Text- Select In Front of Text and change the Icon’s Graphics Fill, Outline and etc. And it will Look like this.

Try it in practice time. Bye, Bye!

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