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Adobe PageMaker was a revolutionary desktop publishing (DTP) program that forever changed the way people create and design documents. Introduced in 1985 by the Aldus Corporation, PageMaker was one of the first programs to offer a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, making it easy for users to design and layout professional-looking documents without the need for specialized training.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface: PageMaker’s WYSIWYG interface allowed users to see exactly how their document would look when printed, making it easy to make edits and adjustments.
  • Wide range of tools: PageMaker offered a variety of tools for creating and editing text, graphics, and layouts, including text frames, image frames, drawing tools, and page layouts.
  • Support for multiple file formats: PageMaker could import and export a variety of file formats, including text, graphics, and EPS files.
  • Data merge capabilities: PageMaker could be used to create personalized documents, such as letters and brochures, by merging data from a database.

Impact on the Industry:

PageMaker quickly became the industry standard for desktop publishing, and it played a major role in the growth of the desktop publishing industry. PageMaker’s ease of use and powerful features made it accessible to a wide range of users, from professional designers to home office users.


Adobe acquired Aldus in 1994 and continued to develop and sell PageMaker until 2004. However, Adobe eventually decided to focus on its InDesign software, which offered more advanced features and capabilities. As a result, Adobe discontinued development of PageMaker in 2004 and encouraged users to migrate to InDesign.

PageMaker Today:

While PageMaker is no longer officially supported by Adobe, it is still used by some users who are familiar with the software and prefer its simple interface. However, due to its age, PageMaker may not be compatible with newer versions of operating systems and software.

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