Age Calculator: MS-Excel

Hello, today I will show a unique process to calculate your age in MS-Excel. Often we need to write our perfect age in various forms and applications details in our Year, Month and days as current day wise. If you have a little bit knowledge in Mathematics then you can solve in your exercise book. But today who knows some uses of Microsoft Excel then you may try this method. It is very easy to create, Let’s start…

First: open MS- Excel- take a Blank workbook

Second: Zoom in larger view (from Zoom Slider at bottom right corner)

Third: Type all required fields…

Forth: Change the cell name of Date of Birth and Today: right click on the cell- Define name- type the name-ok

Fifth: Type the Formula in YEAR, MONTH, and DAY cells separatly

Formula Syntax:




Sixth: change the workbook design by changing Fill color and Font color

Seventh: Insert an Image or Icon from Illustration Group (Insert Tab) to create more attractive.

                   ————-The End———-

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