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Hello, Today we will discuss about Microsoft Word, that there is a great feature in design tab, we can insert a Logo of our Company to the word document before print it out. And it will be very professional. Let’s start the lesson…

Step1: Open MS-Word – Go to Design TAB

Step2: Now click on this “Watermark” button- (A menu will drop down) just Choose “Custom watermark” option

Step3: This above window will open- Then Just click on the “Picture Watermark” option- and then click on the “Select Picture” Button- Then Select “From a File”- Select any Logo or Picture from your computer- click on “Insert”

Step4: Now you can see there are several options in the Scale field, as default word keeps it in “Auto” mode, but if user wants to change the picture size in the document then they can change from here and to preview its looks click on Apply button at bellow.

Step5: beside this scale option there is another option “Washout”- If it is on then image will appear in faded. you may tick it off and try it looks. When it is all right then click on “Ok” button

How to remove watermark again?

If you want to delete the watermark then Just follow this step

Design Tab> Watermark> Remove watermark.

Try it! bye bye…

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