Computer News- 30/07/2023

  • Apple launches Tap to Pay on iPhone for UK business. This new feature allows businesses to accept contactless payments directly from iPhones.
  • Elon Musk launches xAI to take on ChatGPT-maker OpenAI. xAI is a new AI research project from Musk’s Neuralink company. It aims to develop more powerful and ethical AI models than OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
  • Tech layoffs in 2023: A timeline. The tech industry has been hit by a wave of layoffs in 2023. Some of the biggest companies to announce layoffs include Meta, Twitter, and Netflix.
  • AMD to invest $400 million in new design center in India. AMD is investing $400 million in a new design center in India. This will create hundreds of new jobs in the country.
  • AI tools could leave companies liable for anti-bias missteps. A new report from the AI Now Institute warns that AI tools could leave companies liable for anti-bias missteps. The report calls for more transparency and accountability in the use of AI.
  • Microsoft faces EU antitrust probe for bundling Teams with M365. The European Commission has opened an antitrust probe into Microsoft’s bundling of Teams with its M365 productivity suite. The probe could lead to fines for Microsoft.
  • Major generative AI players join to create the Frontier Model Forum. A group of major generative AI players, including OpenAI, Google AI, and DeepMind, have joined to create the Frontier Model Forum. The forum aims to promote responsible development and use of generative AI.
  • New data infrastructure to speed platform performance., a work management platform, has announced a new data infrastructure that will speed up platform performance. The new infrastructure is based on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Companies that trialed a 4-day workweek continue to reduce time on the clock. A number of companies that trialed a 4-day workweek are continuing to reduce the amount of time their employees work. This is being done in an effort to improve productivity and employee well-being.
  • White House promises on AI regulation called ‘vague’ and ‘disappointing’. The White House has been criticized for its vague and disappointing promises on AI regulation. Some experts have called for more concrete action from the government.

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