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About Paint

Microsoft paint is very popular software in windows versions. And it is common to all Windows versions. Paint is a simple raster graphics editor software, we can create many type of image format such as .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .TIFF using paint software.

Understanding Microsoft Paint Window:


Follow this step to open the Paint-

  • Click on Start button
  • Go to All Apps Or All Programs
  • Go to Windows Accessories
  • Click on Paint

We can follow this second Process also-

  • Go to Desktop
  • Search if there is any Paint Logo
  • Double click on this logo

Another recommended process is-

  • Press Windows + R key together ( to open Run Dialog box)
  • type MSPAINT or PBRUSH (in the open box)
  • Click on OK button

To learn Paint in details click this link: Open Paint Book

In this chapter we will discuss about Question and Answer…

Who developed Paint?

ANS- Microsoft

Is Paint free in windows version?

ANS- Yes

Which tool helps to draw freely?

ANS- Pencil

Which key helps to increase the eraser size?

ANS- Ctrl +

Which Mouse button let you zoom out?

ANS- Right Mouse button

Which tools helps to change color value?

ANS- Edit Colors

What is the function of Invert selection?

ANS- to select opposite area of current selection

What is the shortcut key to select all pages?

ANS- Press CTRL + A

What is the full form of JPEG?

ANS- Joint Photographic Experts Group

What is the full form of BMP?

ANS- Bitmap Picture

Which tools helps to draw custom shape?

ANS- Polygon

Which key lets you draw straight line?

ANS- Shift Key

Can we open Two Paint windows at a time?

ANS- Yes

What is the Limit of Skew degree?

ANS- -89 degree to 89 degree

1 Inch = ? cm ?

ANS- 2.54cm

1 inch= ? pixels?

ANS- 96 px

More questions will be added here, stay with us….

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